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Although I am inexperienced in the art of sword fighting, I am fascinated by the making and use of swords and other bladed weapons. I collect swords and daggers, but not because of their 'darker' uses. I have always been attracted to chivalry and honor, and for myself, swords have become a symbol of a time when men lived by these principles. On this page are pictures and descriptions of my collection, which will be added as I can get the photos either scanned or from companies that sell the pieces I have.

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Highlander Sword

Highlander Sword This is a commercial shot of the Highlander sword I have. The hilt is imitation ivory carved with an accented dragon head. I'm really not sure where they got this design from, since it's not the sword used by Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) in the Highlander movies, or by Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) in the TV series. It is, however, "The Exclusive Licensed Reproduction". If anyone has insight as to why this is, please let me know. I bought it not only because I'm a major Highlander fan, but also because I love the dragon hilt design.

Hand-and-a-Half, Ridged Broadsword

Starfire Swords This is a quality broadsword of high carbon steel with a 1.5" wide blade. Its blade is 28 inches long with a diamond profile for strength and appearance. This is the most recent addition to my collection and will probably remain so for quite a while. This picture was taken from Starfire Swords online catalog. Clicking on the picture will take you to the Starfire web site. I bought this sword at the Four Winds Renaissance Faire in Tyler, Texas, from Red Castle, LLC, who is a Starfire dealer as well as a Leather Merchant.

Samurai Katana

My Samurai Katana was the first sword I ever owned. I bought it one day for $80 after deciding I was tired of wanting to start a collection and never doing it. This picture was taken from an Atlanta Cutlery catalog (not where I got my katana, but the sword is the same).

Civil War Saber: Reproduction

This is a reproduction of a Civil War Officers Sword. It is made for appearance only, and would therefore be fairly useless in actual combat. I have been told that the swords used in the Civil War were almost all for dress uniform use anyway, and not intended to be used in battle. It will go well with a uniform if I ever start attending Civil War Reenactments.
This photo was taken from the only catalog I could find with a sword like mine. The sword in the picture is not exactly the same as the one I have, but is so close you could hardly tell the difference.

Artillery Man's Sword/Machete

This is the current pride of my collection. It was passed on to me by my grandfather, and was used by one of his ancestors in the Battle of San Juan Hill. It is authentic military issue with a date stamp of 1876. The picture itself is very poor, but I wanted to post it until I can get a better one scanned.


Eagle Talon Dagger

Quoted from an Atlanta Cutlery Catalog (which is where I got this dagger): 
          "The eagle was used on the military standards of the Roman Empire and is the national emblem of the United States. Renowned for its sharp vision, keen edged talons and decisive killer instincts, the eagle is the perfect symbol to adorn this fearsome fighting knife. 7 1/2 deadly inches of 3/16" thick, 420 stainless steel spring from the eagle claw crossguard. A regal eagle head perches on the pommel. Antique silver finish. Twisted wire is channeled into the imitation black onyx grip. 12 3/4 inches overall. The leather sheath is embossed with an eagle swooping in for the kill." 
         That description says it pretty well. Clicking on the picture will take you to the Atlanta Cutlery web site. 

Double Shadow fantasy knife by Gil Hibben

What can I say, it looked cool, so I bought it ;-)

I'm not certain if this dagger was originally designed for a specific theme or film, but I know I saw one in the TV movie White Dwarf. As I understand it blades similar to this were used for catching an opponents sword in the slit and snapping it in two with a twist of the dagger. This particular version probably wouldn't work for that though because the slit is rather narrow and would be difficult to catch another blade in without getting your hand cut off :-)


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