Modifying the Baldur.ini File

These instructions are intended to help people who are not familiar with editing ini files, so that they can set up Baldur's Gate to accept the cheat codes. These instructions only pertain to PCs running Windows 95/98/NT. Sorry for any Mac users, but I simply don't have any experience with Macs to be able to help with them.

I'll give a basic step by step guide to changing the file, but some of the instructions depend on how your machine is set up, and how BG was installed.

  • The file you need to edit is the baldur.ini file
  • Open the Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) To bring up Windows Explorer:  click on the Start button, then go to the Programs folder and click on the Windows Explorer icon.
  • You need to change Explorer so that it will show the file extensions and show all files. Follow the instructions on my Show All Files page unless this is already done.
  • Browse to the directory where you installed Baldur's Gate. If you installed to the default location, then you will need to go to C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
  • Once you are in the Baldur's Gate directory, look for the Baldur.ini file (NOT the Baldur.exe ). Simply double click on the Baldur.ini file (or highlight the file and press enter) and it will open in Notepad.
       **If the file does not automatically open in Notepad then an 'Open With' dialog box will pop up. Scroll down until you see 'Notepad' and double click on it. The file should then open.
  • When you have the Baldur.ini file open look for the [Game Options] entry. Place your cursor at the end of that line and press enter (to open a new line directly below [Game Options]). Type Cheats=1 on that line, with no spaces, then save and close the file.
That's all there is to it. Email me if you have any other questions :-)

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