hese portraits are ones that I have made myself. A few of these can be found elsewhere on the net, but the ones I found were poor quality (image was grainy or color depth was wrong) so I made my own from the original fantasy art.  They have all been done with the color depths specified for Baldur's Gate custom portraits, which is 24 bit for the large image and 8 bit for the small ones.  A lot of the pics I've found on the net ignore this, and leave the small images at 24 bit color, but that causes the image to look 'weird' when your character has damage or another effect that is displayed (like enchantments or poison).

     I'm sure you'll notice that I have not broken up these images into the character's class. The main reason is that many of the images could be used for multiple classes. If you like an image and think it suits your character, use it. :)

     Keep in mind that the jpeg images on these pages have been compressed so they will load faster in your browser, and that the bitmap images in the zip file are much clearer than the ones you see here. Just converting the pictures on these pages would give you a poorer quality image. I have added individual Zip files for each of the portraits, so it should make it easier for those of you who just want to get certain images, and not the whole collection.

Requests: I'm afraid I no longer take requests for custom portraits for BG. The existing images will stay online for now since, even though Baldur's Gate is rather old now, there still seem to be a fair number of people accessing these pages.

Male Portraits
Female Portraits

Custom Requested Portraits
- Requests -
These are images that I've done by request which I either chose not to include on the regular pages, or I provide more info on custom editing I've done.

If you need help setting up BG so you can use Custom Portraits, read my Portraits Tips.

VaulsPortraits.zip - All the portraits from the male and female pages as of 1/2/00. (3.25mb)

[Male 1] [Male 2] [Male 3] [Male 4] [Male 5] [Male 6] [Male 7] [Male 8]
[Female 1] [Female 2] [Female 3]
[Requests 1] [Requests 2]

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